Gymkhana Information

2022 Gymkhana Saddle Series

** All parents/riders/trainers are responsible for knowing the 2022 ETI Corral 37 Gymkhana Rules **

AM Shows: Registration Opens: 8 am   Rider Meeting 8:30 am     First Rider Out: 8:40 am

PM Shows: Registration Opens: 3 pm    Rider Meeting: 3:30 pm   First Rider Out: 3:40 pm

  • May 7th AM: Barrels, Mystery, Poles I, Speed Barrels, Big T, Fig. 8 Stake, Single Stake
  • June 4th-AM: Barrels, Mystery, Poles II, Fig 8 Ball Drop, Birangle, Poles Keyhole, Speed Ball
  • June 25th– PM DOUBLE POINT: Barrels, Mystery, Poles I, Birangle, Fig 8 Stake, Speed Barrels, Single Stake
  • August 20th– AM : Barrels, Mystery, Poles II, Fig 8 Ball Drop, Birangle, Big T, Speed Ball
  • September 17th– PM: Barrels, Mystery, Poles Keyhole, Poles I, Speed Barrels, Single Stake, Fig 8 Stake
  • October 15th– AM DOUBLE POINT: Barrels, Mystery, Poles II, Big T, Fig 8 Ball Drop, Quadrangle, Poles Keyhole

*Events always subject to change, not necessarily shown in running order.

* Barrels will always be ran as the last event of the day

*Mystery pattern is not announced until the morning of the show!

Day Forms:

2022 Gymkhana Saddle Series Year End Registration 

ETI Corral 37 follows a modified California Gymkhana Association rule book.

Year To Date Points

!! Any questions regarding points please contact Sharyn Henry !!

YTD Points