Gymkhana Information

2018 Gymkhana Saddle Series

** All parents/riders/trainers are responsible for knowing the  2018 ETI Corral 37 Gymkhana Rules **

 AM Shows: Registration Opens: 8 am   Rider Meeting 8:30 am     First Rider Out: 8:40 am

PM Shows: Registration Opens: 3 pm    Rider Meeting: 3:30 pm   First Rider Out: 3:40 pm

  • April 14: Big-T, Mystery, Barrels, Poles I, Speed Ball, Single Stake
  • May 26: Figure 8 Stakes, Poles Keyhole, Barrels, Mystery, Poles II, Birangle
  • June 9: Mystery, Speed Barrels, Barrels, Quadrangle, Poles I, Figure 8 Ball Drop
  • Aug 25 (PM show): Mystery, Big T, Barrels, Pole II, Single Stake, Figure 8 Ball Drop
  • Sep 8: Speed Barrels, Birangle, Barrels, Poles I, Speed Ball, Mystery
  • Oct 6 (PM show/Double Points): Poles Keyhole, Poles II, Barrels, Mystery, Figure 8 Stake, Quadrangle
  • Nov 17: Poles I, Barrels, Mystery, Big T, Birangle, Speed Barrels

*Events always subject to change, not necessarily shown in running order

*Mystery pattern is not announced until the morning of the show!

Day Forms:

2018 Gymkhana Saddle Series Year End Registration 

ETI Corral 37 Gymkhana Series Year End Registration Form
ETI Corral 37 follows the California Gymkhana Association rule book.

Year To Date Points

!! Any questions regarding points please contact Raquel Brusher !!

Points- as of 10/15/18