Horse Show Information

2019 Horse Show Series

** All parents/riders/trainers are responsible for knowing the 2019 Horse Show rules.**

2019 Horse Show Series Dates:

April 28th (Double Points); May 19th; June 2nd (Jumping Only, Double Point); September 8th; October 6th (Double Judged); November 10th (Double Points).

*** REMINDER: we will not be accepting mailed in entries for 2019, must be emailed by the Thursday before the show and confirmation received to receive pre entry prices.


2019 Year End High Point

ETI Corral 37 and Red Hat Cowgirl Horse Show Series Year End High Point Registration



**Patterns will be posted no earlier than 1 week prior to the show date.  Any questions regarding patterns please contact Raquel Brusher**


Horsemanship Patterns

Ranch Riding

Trail Courses

Jumping Courses


Year To Date Points

Year To Date Points- as of 11/21/19


** Any discrepencies regarding your points please contact Raquel Brusher,, within 30 days of publication.  All points final after 30 days with the exception of typos  **






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