E.T.I. Corral 37 is a “not for profit” organization under the auspices of Equestrian Trails, Inc. (“E.T.I.”)  As a not for profit organization, all of our “income” is used to promote and host our events. The income to finance these events comes from horse show entry fees, clinics, fundraisers, advertising, and very importantly, our sponsors.

In consideration for sponsors who donate either products or money to our organization, we compensate them with advertisement space incorporated in our web site. For more information on how to become a sponsor, please contact us using the following form. SPONSORSHIP FORM

While we do not endorse any specific organization, invividual or company, we do wholeheartedly encourage you to visit our sponsors who support our club with either product or money!  They include:

Calabasas Saddlery


Katie Wagner Show Horses 17553702_1853133348293995_455099484840038640_n


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