Day of the Horse & Showdeo – October 22nd (RSVP via link)

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Equestrian Trails Inc. was established as a nonprofit corporation in 1944 with the charter to be “Dedicated to the Acquisition and Preservation of Trails, Good Horsemanship & Equine Legislation”.

With it’s combined membership, E.T.I. has successfully worked to keep open horse trails and add more equestrian facilities. The more members we have backing equine legislation and trail preservation, the more likely the State, County and City Officials will listen to horsemen and horsewomen concerns.

ETI Corral 37 represents the Conejo Valley and as a group, is dedicated to maintain the equestrian lifestyle and history of this area. We also hold monthly events, such as Horse Shows, Gymkhanas, Trail Rides, Clinics, Fundraisers, Play Days and free community awareness activities such as our Annual Day of the Horse. For more information on our events, click on the events page. Our beautiful facility is located at 1350 Avenida de las Flores, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

Donate now using Paypal to support ETI Corral 37! All donations will be used to improve and maintain our horse facilities!